Since 2000, Cantera Partners has been partnering with non-government organizations and private voluntary organizations in pursuing and executing USDA Food for Progress and USAID Food for Peace programs.  Cantera Partners and its team have monetized over $375 million worth of USDA and USAID food aid commodities and over 752,000 metric tons of commodities globally.


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Cantera Partners is focused on developing, managing and executing international U.S. commodity monetizations through U.S. government programs.

Cantera Partners team has successfully sold over $375 million dollars worth of U.S. commodities and over 752,000 metric tons through USDA and USAID food aid initiatives.


Cantera Partners has assisted in developing over 50 commodity management strategies and monetization plans for USDA Food for Progress and USAID Food for Peace initiatives. Our team has over 50 years of monetization and proposal writing experience designed to win government awards.


Cantera Partners is experienced in assisting its partners in developing proposals and programs in response to a U.S. government RFP. We have worked alongside our clients in providing guidance on structure, organization, and formation of  a proposal response.


“ACDI/VOCA values the dedicated, business-first approach that Cantera Partners brings to support its clients in proposal preparation and project execution. Cantera Partners assisted ACDI/VOCA in the preparation of the commodity management section of its successful FY18 Philippines Food for Progress proposal submission to USDA.  Upon finalizing the award, Cantera Partners developed a monetization plan which led to the sale of 36,390 metric tons of soybean meal generating 90% of expected proceeds with freight funds remaining for additional commodity sales to the SE Asia region.

Barry Elkin, ADCI/VOCA,
Technical Director, Commodity Management

CNFA worked with Cantera on Maximizing Opportunities in Cocoa Activity (MOCA) in Cote d’Ivoire financed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food for Progress. Cantera has been a great monetization agent.  They communicate frequently and are responsive whenever contacted for additional information.  Monetizing commodities in Africa is complex, but Cantera was creative in finding solutions that allowed us to meet our objectives.

Sheryl Cowan
Vice President, CNFA

As freight forwarder and shipping agents, Muller Shipping Corporation has collaborated with Cantera Partners on several commodity monetization programs for our mutual clients, working seamlessly to coordinate commodity orders, sales agreements, shipments, and letters of credit.  Cantera is knowledgeable about the food monetization programs, they bring a team with diverse skill sets to each program, they are diligent, responsive day and night, and sensitive to the needs of the client, the U.S. Government agencies, and the ultimate commodity recipients.

Paul Blizzard
President, Muller Shipping Corporation

It is always a pleasure working with Cantera Partners on USDA commodity monetization shipments.  The team is very thorough and efficient during the full process.  As freight forwarding agents it is important to have clear shipping and document instructions for monetization shipments.  Cantera’s team provides timely information and is very responsive to questions and any issues that may arise during the shipping process.

Mike Lagoon,
Fettig & Donalty

Cantera has done a great job on our first year of monetization for Cambodia. Having written an excellent monetization plan, they worked diligently to meet the potential importers and explain the program. When we were approved, provisionally at a smaller amount, they adjusted the sales plan to accommodate a different situation. They led a successful tender, acceptance, financing and shipping process, and when a quality matter arose, they handled it with FAS and others. There are many other transactional details, too numerous describe here, that contribute to the conclusion that Cantera is a great monetization agent. We look forward to executing our ongoing plan with their capable assistance.

Jim Hershey,
ASA/WISHH Chief of Party, CAST Cambodia

“Shelter For Life International has worked and partnered with Cantera Partners for over 10 years. The quality of Cantera team’s work, their rigor and their professionalism is unmatched. Mike and team are not just professional partners; they are reliable friends and colleagues. We feel blessed and honored to have such great group of people to work alongside.

Mustafa Omar,
Chief Executive Officer, Shelter for Life

“I have appreciated Cantera’s responsiveness during challenging sale efforts and willingness to explore options and suggest alternatives.”

Alan Isaac,
Program Director, Land O’Lakes Venture37

Cantera is an essential partner to Winrock International in achieving our mission of sustained economic growth through improved agricultural productivity and trade. Winrock has worked with Cantera through multiple USG commodity monetizations. We rely on their market analysis, global contacts, government relations, and commercial services to maximize returns for our beneficiaries and clients. We look forward to continuing this valuable professional relationship.

Peter Saling,
Associate Director, Agriculture & Volunteer Programs, Winrock International


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